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Building a safe,  sustainable, and responsible drone industry for the future

At RPASOTC, our goal is to help drone enthusiasts and organizations of all sizes truly harness the power of drones in a safe, sustainable and responsible way.


With our modern drone fleet, advanced technologies, and decades of aviation and training industry experience, we’re able to offer our clients very unique and custom solutions to help them get the best out of drone technology, and eliminate the complexities around regulations and education in this rapidly-evolving field.  Whether you’re a hobby pilot or an organization looking to make more informed, aerial data-driven decisions, RPASOTC can help make the process of adopting drone technology seamless and impactful.


Our company’s commitment to safety and quality service is paramount and built into every aspect of our culture, our programs, and workflows. As a Transport Canada-listed RPAS training provider, our range of instructor-led online courses and in-person drone training programs are crafted and delivered by highly-experienced and very knowledgeable drone pilots, who take joy in sharing their expertise! Our programs far exceed the standards established by Transport Canada, providing trainees a path to pilot certification and even future opportunities as professional drone pilots.


We’re proud to have partnered with so many different organizations, in various industries and sectors to provide our services. Be sure to check out all these wonderful testimonials!


We envision a future where drones are an integral part of everyday life, and are proud of the role we get to play to make this vision a reality.


Meet The Team

Harish Jadeja

Meet Harish, the wizard behind the curtain and self-proclaimed mastermind of RPASOTC. With more years in the aviation game than he cares to count, Harish wears multiple hats as President, Chief Pilot, and Trainer, juggling more responsibilities than a circus clown on a unicycle. Renowned for his obsessive eye for detail and an uncanny ability to turn rookies into top guns, Harish is like the Yoda of our team, if Yoda wore aviator shades and cracked dad jokes.


A born leader (or so he claims), Harish didn't just build this company from the ground up; he practically put the wings on it himself! How? With a dash of integrity, a pinch of passion, and a generous helping of "my way or the runway." But don't be fooled by the serious demeanor; beneath that professional exterior lies a heart of gold and a sense of humor as dry as the Sahara.


When he's not busy conquering the skies with his drones, Harish does so cruising along in his Cessna 150, or living his best life on the ground embarking on epic road trips, or indulging in his not-so-secret obsession with train videos. So, buckle up and join Harish on this wild ride as he continues to steer our company toward success, one perfectly executed flight plan at a time.

President | Chief Pilot – Advanced Operations | Trainer
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Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

RPASOTC diligently monitors new information and requirements from the Public Health Agency of Canada and Ministry of Health. Based on these guidelines, we develop and adjust our response to keep our flight crew, clients and communities safe while continuing to serve our clients with minimal disruption. Our full policy is available here.

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