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Level up and fly like a pro

Whether for commercial drone operations or recreational flying, RPASOTC is at the forefront of drone education, offering premier training programs and materials that empower our students to excel in the rapidly expanding drone sector. Secure your Transport Canada RPAS drone pilot certificate with our comprehensive UAV Ground School program and in-depth Flight Review. 


Our high-quality programs cover all topics/subjects aligned with Transport Canada's TP 15263 Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, for crafts weighing between 250g to 25 kg.

A Modern Learning Experience

Interactive design, AI-driven adaptive learning, and multi-media vehicles to provide the best learning experience.

Transport Canada
TP 15263 compliant

Our programs exceed the knowledge requirements in the TP 15263.

Experienced, Friendly

Delivered by experienced drone pilots and educators certified by Transport Canada

In-class or online
training options

Cost-effective in-class sessions or online to learn at your convenience.

Why is drone training so important?



Training ensures that drone pilots understand the rules and regulations of the airspace, as well as how to handle their drones responsibly to prevent accidents that could harm people, property, or other aircraft.


Regulatory compliance

Whether your flights are recreational or commercial, Canadian regulations require any drone pilot to get licensed in either basic or advanced operations if they will be flying a drone more than 250 grams.


More efficiency

Whether for private or commercial operations, training can help drone pilots complete tasks more efficiently, whether it's surveying land or capturing aerial photography.



Pilots with training are more confident in their abilities to fly drones and understand technical aspects, which can lead to better decision-making in the field.


Skill development

Like any skill, piloting a drone proficiently requires practice and knowledge. Training helps pilots learn how to control their drones effectively in various conditions and environments while also building technical proficiency.


Risk management

Understanding the risks associated with drone flying and how to manage them is crucial. This includes weather considerations, understanding drone capabilities, and knowing what to do in the event of a malfunction.


More opportunities

In industries that increasingly use drones, having formal training can enhance a professional's credentials and open up new job opportunities and venues to showcase your drone skills.


Public perception

Well-trained drone pilots can help improve the public perception of drones by demonstrating their beneficial uses and minimizing nuisance or privacy concerns.

Our Popular & Highly-Recommended Training Programs

Which program is right for me?

Refer to this handy guide from Transport Canada to determine if you need a Basic or Advanced Certificate to fly drones in Canada.


Need drone training for your organization?

We offer custom training solutions for all types of industries and sectors. Our clients include government agencies, universities, law enforcement and non-profits. Contact us today to explore our corporate training solutions.

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