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Elevate your insights to new heights with aerial imagery

At RPASOTC, we have the experience and expertise to support a variety of aerial drone services for commercial clients. Whether it's construction progress monitoring or environmental site mapping or high-rise building inspection, we can help you show you or your customers unseen angles with breathtaking drone footage shot in stunning 4K HD clarity.

Headquartered in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle, we have access to some of the most brilliant minds and machines. Our decades of flying, training and consulting experience sets us apart and greatly strengthens our ability to produce accurate and timely deliverables for our clients to make confident, aerial data-driven decisions.

Industries & Services


Crop Consulting, Irrigation Management, Crop Inspection, Spraying


Transportation Networks, Mining, Surveying, Bridge Inspections, Site Surveying, Design, On-site Mapping, As-built Condition, Façade Inspection, Roof Inspection


Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Disaster Management, Search and Rescue, Resource Tracking


Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas, Power Lines, Nuclear

Deep Ravines

Parks, Forests, Lakes

Abstract Aerial View

Geo-referenced Aerial Imaging, Photogrammetry, Orthomosaics, Digital 3D Terrain Models

Wind Turbine Engineers

Journalism, Cinematography, Aerial Photo and Videography


LiDar, Orthophoto and Orthomosaic, Industrial Inspection, Environmental Monitoring, GIS Integration, Remote Sensing Platforms


Aerial Photo and Videography


Equipment checks, Battery Management, Payload Calibration, Compliance Assurance, Firmware Updates

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