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The final step to becoming a certified drone pilot

This is the last step for acquiring a Pilot Certificate – Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) – Advanced Operations.

Once you have successfully completed the Transport Canada-administered Small Advanced Exam and obtained a Certificate of Registration for your drone, an in-person Flight Review must be completed to demonstrate your ability to fly and apply the knowledge from the Small Advanced Exam.

The flight review consists of the planning, preparation, and completion of an RPAS flight.

Flight Review - RPAS

You must successfully perform the following exercises to pass the in-person Flight Review:

  • Describe the site survey process

  • Describe emergency procedures that apply to flying a RPAS, including lost-link procedures and procedures to follow in the event of a fly-away, including who to contact

  • Describe the method by which to inform Transport Canada of an incident or accident

  • Successfully perform pre-flight checks of your RPAS

  • Perform a take-off

  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate around obstacles

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize distances

  • Perform a landing



  • Small Advanced Exam - minimum overall result of 80%

  • Certificate of Registration for the drone being used for Flight Review. If you do not own a drone, RPASOTC can provide one at additional cost, please check for details


Join our team of Flight Reviewers

We're always looking for skilled and seasoned drone pilots. Get in touch if you would like to join our community of Flight Reviewers.

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