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We believe in the transformative power of our services, but you don't have to take our word for it...

Our client testimonials speak for themselves! 


Each testimonial is a testament to the enduring partnerships we strive to build and the bespoke solutions we're proud to tailor. Dive into the journeys that illuminate our commitment to excellence and the real-world impact of our work.


Your trust is our greatest accolade, and these stories are our shared legacy.


Awesome! it was a lot of information in a compressed timeline but Harish made it look easy. It is so refreshing to to have an instructor who is genuinely excited about the course material. This excitement makes you want to learn and participate. immediately after the course I registered my drone and took my exam. passed with 85% all thanks to this course.

University of Alberta

Harish is very professional and knowledgeable instructor. The course package he prepared and sent me was very organized and informative. Every step of the course from the response to my first inquiry to the end of the course was very clear, organized, and well-designed. It demonstrated the quality of the course and RPAS service. I would definitely consider future business with them. I highly recommend their drone course.


Flight Review was very professionally done. All communication from the very first emails of contact all the way to the feedback post-review, was clear and to the point. Love the fact that Harish is both an enthusiast and accredited professional. The advice and conduct is just of the highest quality which makes learning process enjoyable. Would highly recommend!

Lighthouse Aerial Imaging

Harish did my flight review and to say the least, I was apprehensive about doing the review as I didn't know what to expect. From the first email, Harish was very informative and supplied me with great information explaining exactly what to expect, so even though I didn't attend their ground school, I felt confident going into flight review. We went over my site survey via video conference prior to flight day and I was able to tweek it. He also explained in more detail what is expected on my check list. On the day of the review I was still a bit apprehensive but Harish gave me the time to get through all of my setup procedures without pressure. It was a very relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole process. Very professional through the whole process. Unfortunately, due to current Covid 19 rules I wasn't able to shake his hand.


The flight review was a great experience. From the start of the process it was easy to book online, check in before the flight, and have an efficient process while conducting the flight. Harish provided support and guidance, while being extremely professional throughout the entire review. His expertise in this domain showed through his feedback and I appreciate all the help he has given me. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who requires a Drone Flight Review. Thank you Harish!

First Resource Management

I found all my communication with Harish to be excellent. He was able to assist me in knowledge to study up on, as well as book my review at short notice. He was even able to bump me up a day early to better meet my schedule! The review itself was a relaxed atmosphere and made the whole process go smoothly. I highly recommend RPASOTC when choosing an organization for conducting your flight review!


I came to RPASOTC with no prior piloting or aviation experience. My knowledge on drones in general was very low, but I could see the potential they had in my industry and many potential industries. What I left with was a wealth of knowledge on topics I had no idea would be related (ie. meteorology), confidence in my abilities and most importantly the skills and competence to Pilot a drone safely and effectively. Harish was patient, calm and encouraging throughout the entire process. His tone was warm, his responses were prompt and his direction was precise. I would very strongly encourage anyone looking to acquire their RPA license to contact RPASOTC immediately. The world needs people with these skills, and there is no one better to pass them on.

University of New Brunswick Saint John

Because of the quality of my first training with Harish in 2020, I returned to RPASOTC in 2022 for my drone pilot recertification. Again, I was so impressed with Harish's thoroughness and attentiveness during the ground school and flight review. His professionalism and expertise has helped me develop the safest practices for our drone research on whales. He has been an invaluable resource through the years, and I will always recommend him and RPASOTC to my colleagues!


Excellent course to take as preparation for the Basic Exam. Covered all the topics in a very clear and interesting manner. Passed on the first attempt with a healthy margin. I will recommend Harish and RPASOTC to everyone who is interested in drone operations. RPASOTC was also very flexible when helping me re-schedule my course.

Canadian Coast Guard

I wanted to thank you again on behalf of myself and the Canadian Coast Guard. You are truly a phenomenal instructor in terms of your knowledge on the subject of aviation, your passion, and your instructional abilities. I have taken many courses in both industry and government and the course you delivered was amongst the very best. We have been able to safely and confidently use our drones on a number of occasions since receiving the training and this has been a significant benefit to our program!

BCB Canada

The instruction I received from Harish and RPASOTC was top notch. I learned many things covering a wide range of unfamiliar subjects, but thanks to this course, I was able to easily pass the basic exam. I highly recommend this training, not just to get a pass, but to be more informed and knowledgeable about flying your drone.


The course and Harish was amazing. You explain things in a way that makes you understand. I was so ready and prepared after the course that I took the exam immediately after and passed. It's so important to do these courses before the exam for even more knowledge. I highly recommend RPASOTC, professionalism at its best

University of Toronto Mississauga

Harish did a great job! I came in not knowing much about drones or flight and he has a lecture style and content that was easy to follow and understand. I was able to pass the Basic drone pilot test the same day as our ground school session.

Wabigoon Lake Ojibway First Nation

We contacted Harish and were immediately impressed by his professionalism and level of commitment to ensuring the best training possible. The course delivery was informative, engaging and comprehensive, with Harish being a delight to learn from. We can't say enough good things about Harish and RPASOTC, highly recommend!!

Hodges Drones

I contacted Harish to setup for a Flight Review for a friend and myself, not knowing all the processes , due to new regulations, Harish was more than accommodating, to help thru the process, he was very knowledgeable and was very professional, i would highly recommend Him for anything that you would need to get your UAV licence, i know i will be contacting him again , when time for renewal of my licence.

Vastvue Media Solutions

Harish was amazing! From the very first contact with him, he was able to explain everything and book our flight review for the next day.

Memorial University

My experience with RPASOTC was informative, engaging, and fun. The instructor -Harish- is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the aviation field, with decades of pilot experience and a passion for building his own airplanes. More importantly, this knowledge combined with his approach to teaching makes him an excellent resource to conduct your drone training with. He is attentive to all his students, keeps classes small, is thorough with the content, and encourages conversation and questions throughout the course. The class format is open, and we never feel rushed or uncomfortable in clarifying concepts, etc. I had no flight experience prior to the course, and have left feeling a lot more confident about the scientific, technical, and practical concepts covered in the course and as a result, I have successfully passed my drone examinations. Thank you Harish for a wonderful experience!

Casa di Media Productions

Harish at RPASOTC was such a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he very friendly and personable, but he is extremely knowledgeable- he has a career in aviation as experience. He is passionate about aviation and safety and this really made an impression on me. It showed me that my flight review is really just the beginning of my journey to be a better and safer pilot. Thank you Harish!


I am excited and impressed with the quality of education, manual and practical trial test used in the training and personalized instruction provided by RPAS leading to the knowledge needed for acquisition of my license. Harish, the President of RPASOTC, who did a wonderful job at explaining the regulations and theory behind RPAS operations, as well as ensuring trainees were getting what they needed out of the course. I am eager to use drones for my photo shooting, and I feel like I have the necessary resources to enhance my shooting techniques!

CoStar Group

Harish was an excellent flight reviewer. He was knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, which made me much more comfortable during the review. With minor mistakes, Harish would be quick to provide best/efficient practices and handy tips. The best part was that he did not treat the review like a grilling session, but rather an opportunity to make sure rules, practices, and regulations were appropriately understood. I will certainly be recommending RPASOTC to anyone else who needs training/flight reviews.


Absolutely the best aviation experience one could hope for. Harish, the President of RPASOTC, is one of the most highly knowledgeable, genuine, and efficient professionals in the RPAS business. From first contact to Advanced Ops Flight Review, all interactions and transactions were handled with a courtesy, care, and attention to details that is unusual to find in any business these days. I wholeheartedly recommend RPASOTC to anyone looking for training or certification in the RPAS world.

Make Hay Media

What we really appreciated about Harish and the team at RPASOTC was their level of care about true education. We've seen a lot of courses that are just about passing the test, but Harish made sure that we understood the concepts beyond just passing. We had two pilots get their Advanced Operator Certificates, passing with ease because we truly understood the aspects of flight, weather, and sRPA operations. I would highly recommend completing your training with RPASOTC.

Forman Farms

I passed the exam! Thanks for your excellent coaching abilities. You definitely have a talent for imparting your knowledge of all things aeronautical.


Harish responded very fast to my initial inquiry into the RPAS Advanced Flight Review, and was also very accommodating with availability the next day! It is always great when you are able to work with someone who is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I would highly recommend for anyone in Southern Ontario to use RPASOTC for all RPA training needs!

Canadian Whale Institute and the Campobello Whale Rescue Team

Harish at RPASOTC provided advanced RPAS training for me and three of my whale research colleagues. We were really impressed with the educational quality of the online instruction, support for the written exam and flight instruction. Harish is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about aviation and RPAS operations and illustrated his instruction with memorable experiences that we'll remember in our own operations. His patient guidance was individualized to our unique application of the technology for research. The flight training and review were key steps in us gaining confidence and proficiency. I highly recommend RPASOTC for a very professional training and certification program without reservation.

University of New Brunswick

I was really impressed with the quality of education and personalized instruction provided by RPASOTC. Harish did a wonderful job at explaining the regulations and theory behind RPAS operations, as well as ensuring trainees were getting what they needed out of the course. I am eager to use drones for my PhD research, and I feel like I have the necessary resources to be successful!

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

My experience with RPASOTC and with Harish was truly a great one! Harish conducted my in-person Advanced Flight Review very professionally. From the start, he made the process clear and easy to understand. He is very experienced and all his suggestions and advice will help me very much to become a better pilot. Overall, it was a truly great and valuable experience.

JM Videos

My experience with RPASOTC and with Harish, specifically, was amazing! Harish was the one conducting my in person Advanced Flight Review. He was very helpful leading up to and during the review. From the start, everything was communicated clearly and Harish made it easy to understand. It was clear that he is very experienced and he even went as far as to suggest different apps and resources I can look at that will help me out. Overall, it was a truly great experience.


Training with RPASOTC was great! The instructor (Harish) was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and kept the doors open for questions/comments and consistently encouraged participation. Unlike plenty other courses I've taken, I didn't feel as if it was rushed. The information you learn is actually applicable and highly crucial in the real world. Harish paid attention to every student and made it much simpler for students that aren't particularly from an aviation background. Ground school & Flight school were perfectly wholesome for me in terms of all the training and information I've received. Two thumbs up and highly recommended for anything and everything Drones!


The Basic RPAS course with RPASOTC is very comprehensively designed and very well delivered by Harish. I had a very pleasant experience with the delivery of the course and was able to pass my Basic Pilot certificate on my first attempt. I will definitely vouch and recommend RPASOTC for all your remotely piloted aircraft needs from licensing to flight reviews. Thank you Harish!

Dalhousie University

This was by far one of the best courses I've taken during my professional life and it was a pleasure to have Harish with us! He is a such a knowledgeable and resourceful instructor and I was very impressed with his attentive delivery methods. I feel excited and confident to continue learning and playing with drones from now on. Many thanks!!


I have recently completed the course with Instructor Harish expertise. Harish provides excellent communication when presenting his material. He is very knowledgeable and when something didn't make sense, he took the time to illustrate the concepts on a blank screen, which makes it great for visual learners to grasp the concepts. Harish holds such a high standard that allows others to provoke critical thinking to understand and follow those CARs. I would highly recommend any individual(s) to take this course if you have a passion or interest in sRPA and flying them safely.

Speciality Studio

Many thanks to Harish at RPASOTC. The course was very comprehensive and intelligently developed. There was plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Harish is a terrific instructor. He patiently explains everything thoroughly. I highly recommend.

Lac Seul First Nation Fire and Emergency Services

Great training for the advanced drone and flight review. Harish is very well versed as a drone pilot and flight pilot. The teaching methods are very consistent to teach the regulations and the required knowledge for the understanding the laws. The timing was excellent and very enjoyable; I will recommend RPASOTC to anyone wanting a great teacher for proper drone training.


RPASOTC provided us with prompt and professional services for our drone operation requirements. Definitely will not hesitate to use them again in the future. This is the company to go to for sure!

Halton Police

From my first point of contact with Harish, I felt I was in good hands. The material received was very good quality and the course itself - whilst incredibly challenging was delivered at a good pace and the information imparted was extremely effective. I sat the exam shortly after the conclusion of the course and passed. I know I could not have done this without the support of Harish. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his school to you - without any reservations.

Royal LePage

Harish is very professional and knowledgeable instructor. The course package he prepared and sent me was very organized and informative. Every step of the course from the response to my first inquiry to the end of the course was very clear, organized, and well-designed. It demonstrated the quality of the course and RPAS service. I would definitely consider future business with them. I highly recommend their drone course. Thank you!


I booked a place on the RPASOTC Basic Operations course. Following that, the contact from the company (Harish Jadeja) was prompt and very professional. The advance material and instructions were clear and comprehensive, and I was offered support for any questions that I had. The actual training course is a full day and is quite intense. However, RPASOTC aims to give you more knowledge than you need just to pass the Transport Canada exam, which will be a bonus as our drone operations experience develops. After this course, the pilot's exam was a breeze. I would highly recommend RPASOTC, and Harish as an instructor, to anyone starting out with drone flying - either as a hobby or for professional use.

Polar Knowledge – Canadian High Arctic Research Station

Harish was very knowledgeable and answered every question we had before and after the course I would definitely use RPASOTC and Harish again! Thanks again for flying to the north pole to teach us!

Tigercat Industries

From the day I first emailed Harish, he provided so much information and guidance to our team. His training sessions were informative, interesting and very helpful. Harish made what could have been a boring lecture, very interesting and inclusive. He knows his stuff! Harish will guide you through the entire process in obtaining your drone license. Thanks for making this such an enjoyable experience Harish!

DG Virtual Tours

I contacted RPASOTC on a weekend hoping to get some info, but never expected to get a flight exam booked right away. To my surprise, not only was a flight exam booked, but the level of professionalism was in my opinion exceptional. Harish conducted my flight exam, was through, professional and paid attention to the important details that mattered. My credibility for highly recommending RPASOTC comes from many interactions with Transport Canada through my 2 Standing SFOC applications and other single use SFOC's where the people were not always knowledgeable or fully understanding of a small drone operation. In addition, I had previously tried to book a flight exam with a company in the Newmarket area. They took 2 months, never booked an exam date and couldn't tell me how they would operate the flight exam. I had contacted Transport Canada to complain about the Newmarket area RPAS Examiner company (May 13, 2019) and in my complaint used Harish and RPASOTC as a positive example for Transport Canada to follow as a standard all Transport Canada Listed RPAS companies should follow!

Brant Aerials

Harish did a great job of our flight reviews done at my rural home. He was thorough, fair and very observant. He was helpful in renewing our confidence in our flight skills!

Canadian Coast Guard

I recently completed the RPAS Advanced Operations ground school and flight review. Harish took the time to make sure everyone understood the regulations and the host of other information to complete the Transport Canada examination. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient explaining answers so that we all understood the concepts. His tips and tricks were very helpful during the exam and the flight review. He was very open to questions during and after class. I would highly recommend RPASOTC to anyone wishing to take a drone course

Orono Design

Harish (my flight reviewer) was professional & very knowledgeable. He is friendly and calm which made for a relaxed environment. Using the RPASOTC website was easy to navigate and when I reached out to them they contacted me right away. Setting up the test was easy as I was able to pick my preferred time and location. RPASOTC's prices for flight reviews were very competitive when I compared them to other available flight reviewers in my area (Durham Region). I would absolutely recommend RPASOTC for flight reviews. Ask for Harish!

Travelers Canada

I recently completed the ground school course and flight review with Harish for my Advanced Operations Pilot Certificate. I was a little nervous and anxious prior to the start of the course as I wasn't sure what to expect. Harish was great and brought his passion and many years of flying experience to the course! He explained the material in a way that made it easy to understand, he was patient and very understanding. The course prepared you very well for the Transport Canada exam. The flight review segment was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend RPAS to anyone who is interested in obtaining their pilot certificate.

McGill University

This course met my expectations in every way possible. Organized course material, and outstanding use of graphics. The binder is divided into clear sections which helps in organizing the information provided by Transport Canada. As a course instructor, I could not imagine anyone better for the job than Harish. He encourages discussions, and promotes a healthy learning environment.


I had a very positive experience with RPASOTC and Harish (the instructor). From initial contact, Harish was quick to reply to any questions I had before the course and that responsiveness continued up to, during, and after the course. As might be expected, some of the material was a bit on the dry side but Harish did a great job of keeping everyone engaged in the material. Upon completion of the course, I felt well-prepared and confident to take the Small Advanced Exam. That confidence was rewarded when I passed on my first attempt.

RunSmart Inc.

Harish is very professional and provides a customer experience that exceeded my expectations. The course material was well-organized, well-designed, and well-delivered. I was so confident after our full day of training that I took my Transport Canada Exam the same day and passed with flying colors!! Anyone looking for a flight school, look no further than RPASOTC. Thank you, Harish for making my experience so enjoyable.

Travelers Canada

I really enjoyed this course. Although it had lots of information within a short period of time, Harish was able to break down the course material in a very systematic way that helped me come out successful. I would highly recommend RPASOTC any day any time.

Skyview Arts Inc.

It was a pleasure to have you, a professional flight reviewer come to my location in Niagara-on-the-Lake and review my knowledge of the new RPAS regulations and spend some time checking all the documents necessary for a UAV operation and observing my flying skills with my own drone at my specific location. I would highly recommend Mr. Harish Jadeja and his company for RPAS training and flight review operations.

Tigercat Industries

I would highly recommend RPASOTC. Harish is an amazing instructor. The training course was comprehensive and Harish is extremely knowledgeable. He made it very easy to understand all course material. The course is designed for you to succeed!

Stoic Media

I took my VLOS advanced flight review with Harish and I am a better and safer drone pilot because of it. Harish is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. I can not recommend him highly enough.


I decided to do as much preparation for my advanced exam without taking a course. It was a brutal month of trying to learn everything but I passed the exam (barely). Next step...flight review. I reached out to ask a few questions prior to booking a flight review and the knowledge, expertise, guidance and patience provided by both Harish and Andrew was amazing. I don't think I could have found a better place and will refer when asked!

Travelers Canada

Harish instructed myself and a few co-workers who had very limited drone and aviation knowledge. The classroom learning helped significantly with the advanced operations exam through Transport Canada. He conducted the RPAS Advanced Flight Review with professionalism and a true passion for developing safe drone pilots. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from someone with his level of experience & knowledge. I would highly recommend RPASOTC for classroom and practical drone training!

Watling Visuals

I had the pleasure of taking my advanced operations flight review with Harish recently! I was nervous going into it after taking the advanced exam (we all know that wasn't easy) but Harish made me feel right at home while flying for my review. Highly recommend rpasotc for any and all flight needs!


Harish is a very good instructor. He engaged us throughout the whole course and he knew us all by name surprisingly. If I had to take another course concerning RPAS I'd definitely come back. Definitely worth the time and money.

Greater Sudbury Police Service

Harish is the best subject matter expert (SME) to learn RPAS training from. As a newbie to drones I studied the Transport Canada website, watched countless YouTube videos but that didn't come close to what I learnt from Harish during our course. It is crucial that you strike a balance between sharing the necessary level of detail while making sure it as simple to digest as possible. That is exactly what Harish does as he goes step-by-step through the information required to pass your advanced licence and to retain the information for future use. Before the course and many times after I obtained my licence Harish was available to answer questions and assist with equipment/administration issues our police department had regarding RPAS units. Thank you Harish for being so helpful and being the SME we needed to start our new RPAS program.


This pass was directly resulting from your training. I really enjoyed it, and it was well thought out, and presented. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you Harish.


Wonderful course, an enormous amount of information, presented in a professional, thorough fashion. I think that if you have no background in aviation, this course is a must.

Dalhousie University

I recently completed Advanced Ground School and the Flight Review with Harish. It was among the best training course I have ever had. Period. Harish is an incredibly organized, dedicated, patient, courteous, and knowledgable instructor. Time and time again he exceeded our expectations. I simply cannot recommend Harish and this course enough. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with him, and RPASOTC, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

University of Toronto Mississauga

It is a great pleasure to attend the course. The content is very organized and the lecture is very easy to follow. The course material well prepared me for the exam by Transport Canada.


I have learned a lot from training course attended. Harish is very professional and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend their service to all the people.

Kodered Environmental Ltd.

Course was excellent straight forward and ease to understand. Great prep for taking the advanced course.

Speers Construction

This course was a superb experience in every way. Harish's expertise shines through at every turn and the content is excellent. He made sense of the disorganized chaos that is Transport Canada's new "Drone Regulations". The small-sized, "virtual classroom" format is ideal and I came away feeling that I had a gained a group of friends all with a common goal. I wish all courses were as enjoyable and focused as this one. Without hesitation, Five Stars.

Nicholas Castel Multimedia

Harish was helpful and professional during the flight exam. I left feeling confident in my abilities as a pilot and with new knowledge for future flights and procedures. Thank you Harish!

Custom Agricultural Intelligent Inc

I just had my flight review done and I can boldly say Harish is exceptional and great Man. I will recommend RPASOTC a 100% to anyone looking at the doing flight review or drone training courses. Fly Safe.


I recently completed my successful flight review with Harish. It was a pleasant and informative session. Harish has a way about him that makes you feel very comfortable. He also offered very constructive advice that will allow me to improve my skills. Harish and RPASOTC are highly recommend.

CoStar Group

I was initially skeptical about the amount of information we had to cover and having to do it remotely. I'm glad that he delivered as promised. I was super fresh going into the course and had never flown a drone in my life. That being said, Harish was super thorough during the training and I give him full credit for me passing the test on the first try.

Expedia Cruises

I booked a spot on the RPASOTC Basic Operations course on the advice of a friend. Soon afterwards. I was contacted by Harish who was prompt and very professional in advising what the course was all about. The advance material and instructions were clear and comprehensive, and I was offered support for any questions that I had. During the full day course which was quite intense, we learned far more than what was required for the Transport Canada exam. After having had Harish as the instructor, I took the exam immediately and breezed through it. I would highly recommend taking the course from RPASOTC....You will learn more than you need from this highly professional instructor.

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