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Drone Services

Custom solutions for aerial imagery, drone operations &  training

Commercial Services

Customized solutions to capture, analyse and deliver aerial imagery and performance data using a variety of sensors including Visible, Near-Infrared, Thermal and LiDAR.

Drone Training

Comprehensive, hands-on training programs for all experience levels. Check out our wide offering of both online and in-person training packages.

Flight  Review

The final step in getting your advanced certificate, the Flight Review ensures you have all the required skills to plan and execute an RPAS flight safely and efficiently.


Quality service.
Certified experts.
Proudly Canadian.

Through our advanced technology and wide expertise, we deliver innovative solutions and custom services that help our commercial and private clients truly harness the power of drones. Our team is certified through both Transport Canada (TC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and we have proudly served a cross-section of industries from coast-to-coast across Canada.

We envision a future where drones are an integral part of many industries and sectors, transforming the way that people live and work.

“The instruction I received from Harish and RPASOTC was top notch. I learned many things covering a wide range of unfamiliar subjects, but thanks to this course, I was able to easily pass the basic exam. I highly recommend this training, not just to get a pass, but to be more informed and knowledgeable about flying your drone.”

- KATHY B. (BCB Canada)


We are proud to have worked with many government, First Nations, private, educational and research organizations across Canada

Land Acknowledgement

RPASOTC acknowledges that the land on which we live and work today, is of the Haldimand Tract within the territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee people. We are thankful to the First Nations, Métis and Inuit people who care for these territories and those across the province.

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